Monday, 15 February 2010

DOES IT MATTER?! eighteen

"Will, do you fancy coming inside and watching a movie with me?"
"I love how you say exactly what you mean without blundering on about coffee."
"So that's a yes?"
"It'd be a pretty boring Sunday without some company I suppose. Can I be Frank?"
"As long as I can be Jim."
He grinned as I inwardly cringed at my own stupidity.
"Most Sundays, I find myself...alone...bored; wishing I was elsewhere, anywhere. Does that sound idiotic to you?"
"Actually, no. It sounds oddly familiar."

So I let Will in and showed him to my vast case of blue ray discs, DVDs and even a few VHS's which I'd held onto more for memory's sake than anything else.
"The Love Bug?"
"Hey! Don't critique my love for old films, this is a 1968 classic from the Herbie series and Lindsay Lohan in Herbie Fully Loaded has nothing on it!"
"Okay-okay, don't shoot me for having better movie taste than you."

I just raised an eyebrow at that insolence.

"Come on Will, hurry up and pick a movie."
"Go make a cup of tea in the kitchen where you belong and I'll pick the film in my own sweet time."
"William Vale. You sexist pig."
I can never manage to keep a straight face. I really wanted him to think that I was pissed off at him. Doesn't quite have the same effect if you burst into sniggers when you're trying to storm out.
I opened the cupboard and reached for the PG tips and the sugar before grabbing the milk from it's snug in the fridge. I should have put the kettle on first because now I was going to have to watch and wait for it to boil...and a watched pot never boils, you know?
"Wiii-iiiill?" I called from the kitchen.
"Yeeee-sss?" He bellowed back.
"How are things going at work?" My tone was a little less childish now. Just a little. Growing up's for when you're thirty...I've got three more years yet.
"Er, they're going pretty good thanks. I think I'm going to have to hire a new assissant though."
"Oh?" Keep you voice calm, Caitlyn. "So, are you, firing Nicole?" *hold breath*
"No, no, Nicole's great-"
I bet she is.
"but I think she needs an assistant, she hasn't been able to do much overtime lately..."
What a pity.
"...not since she got married."
"Well, I'm not sure what you'd call her, she had one of those civil partnership ceremony things last month."
"Aren't civil partnerships just for gay and lesbian couples though?"
"Yes. If they weren't, I'm not sure what Nicole and Christina would be doing getting one."
"Yeah, Christina Cookson. Nicole met her at a concert about a year and half ago, sparks flew and the rest is history, I suppose."
Wow. Nicole's a lesbian. Now, I was not expecting to hear that. I feel so guilty about everything I've said to her now, she was never trying to get to Will...she really was just being friendly. I have no bias against her now so I can really see how selfless and helpful she was to Will when he was working on setting up his law firm and what about all throughout secondary school? I thought that she looked down on us, "outsiders" who weren't gifted and talented and perfect in every way. I guess that she knew better than most people what it was like to not be accepted though. I can't imagine what it must have been like to try and constantly keep such a big thing hidden from everybody...
"Will, Will, Will?"
"Caitlyn, Caitlyn, Caitlyn...that's not as easy to do with your name..."
"Could we maybe meet up with Nicole sometime? Infact, could we host a little school reunion? Just with our mates though...none of the jerks?"
I poured the hot water into the two mugs before me, wiggling the tea-bag around with the little spoon, counted the sugar scoops into the steaming liquid and poured in some milk before taking them out for Will and I.
"Caitlyn, that just sounds like another teen whim." He sighed. I sighed. "I'm not saying it's a bad idea; it's a great idea but how viable is it really? My company have just got a big client who we need to keep happy and that's taking up a lot of my time and you said that you're looking into getting a new job. How are we going to find the time to organise and throw a massive party?"
"...nothing worthwhile is ever easy and when you don't have the time; you make time."
"Don't look so glum, I'll get Nicole to go through my diary and maybe I'll have some day free."
"Thanks Will."
"Right, so The Love Bug's a good film you say? Well, let's see about that."He tossed me the DVD and I set it up.
This was turning out to be an okay kind of day.


Mark Geranium said...

All well and good. Liking the banter.

I was going to remark that the prose was purple, but looking back at that it really is a nonsensical statement used by critics when they can't think of anything to say.

Anyway, I think that there's plenty of plot here to stretch into a book. How many words is the average novel anyway? I'm not very good with counting words...

Kaytei said...

the average length *that's what she said xD* is 70,000 *actually, why would SHE say that?!* and right now i have 14, 371 :S
i have a lot of work to get done, don't i? :S
"the prose is purple"? intriguing.

Sky said...

love it . . .but you do realise that if CC and JN suddenly develop brains and stumble accross this

you're in the shit
but the chances of that happening are slim. . .still love it