Saturday, 23 January 2010

LOST IN PLACE seventeen

Oh great. I've forced myself out of bed early this morning...well reasonably early. Well, before midday anyway but it's just left me with more time to worry about what's actually going to come of today. I can't even remember whether or not Will's picking me up. I've spent the past hour making more cups of tea than I'll ever be able to drink just for the stirring so as my hands aren't left up to their own devices..."Devil makes work for idle hands" 'n' all that lark. What if I've done so with no real purpose and Will isn't coming? Oh god, did I say that I was going to pick him up? Oh feck. It's been months since I've had the foresight to fill up the tank in my car. According to the ancient fuel guage I've been running on empty for the past week... I would say that it's an appropriate metaphore for my life really...but everyone knows how I do so hate to state the obvious. There are birds chirruping in the trees outside of my window. Any other day and I may have been able to appreciate there cheerful chorus; sung seemingly just for me. Today? Nah, today it feels as though they're really rubbing their "Bright-eyed, feathery-tailed-ness" in my face. Okay...even I can recognise that my jealousy of a bunch of beady-eyed squawking fools is a little irrational but Will isn't here yet and I can't begin to think when he's going to arrive...if he's coming-that is. I'm just going in circles here aren't I?

I might just go and make another cup of tea...

NO. Geez, Caitlyn, will you just breathe for a second, eh? You're going to see your best friend for the first time in just under a year, isn't this a good thing?

I suppose but it's more the setting that's bothering me. Won't he feel mighty uncomfortable under the circumstances?

...Do you honestly think I've got a better idea on this than you have?

Just shut up then.

THERE! The door bell, happy now?

Happy? No! Far fecking from it. I rush from my perch upon the edge of my seat in kitchen where I've been anticipating this moment for far too long. I catch sight of myself in the hall mirror as I head towards the front door and wish that I wouldn't have gone for the ridiculous au natural-look that's just so Vogue right now since looking half asleep and a little zombie-esque doesn't quite hold with it the same chic as the magazines promise. My trembling fingers snatch at fly-away strands of hair and tuck them back behind my ears and then move themselves down to my waist to tug my t-shirt down over the belt of my jeans.

Breathe in cool, calm, composed and breathe out fret, fear, frustration.
Right, what are you going to say? Hi. Hey...Hey, Will...Hey there....Sup?
Sup?! Yeh boi!!"
"Er...Caitlyn? Your door isn't sound proof you know?"
I opened the door and grinned up to meet Will's crooked smile.
"...hi Will."
"'Sup?! Yeh boi'?"
He reaeated my words incredulously and I think he was trying to arch an eyebrow up at me inquistively but underneath his raggedy fringe it was hard to tell.
"Yes? I'm just...keeping it real...being 'down wit da kids'."
Will held my gaze and sighed at my 'too cool for school' pretence; silently tutting his lack of approval at me.
"Shut up, Will!" I gave him a gentle nudge and stepped out of the door, shutting it gently behind me.
"So, what are you wheels like then?"

Then I saw his car. Wow.


Mark Geranium said...

Ha ha xD

Strange how Home Cooking turned your performance into a story of reuniting with a friend you hadn't seen for an extremely long time, who then came back out of nowhere. Would be odd if you continued that storyline, because then you could use the hot seating, impro etc. to explore your Caitlyn character further.

Kaytei said...

I'm so slow on the uptake...i didn't get that home cooking things for aaaaaaaggggggeees...i've literally been staring at the screen for half and hour, scratching my head like a numpty. not really.
i reckon that if i really did that in drama it'd be a bit too weird...i don't want the two worlds to cross over too much :S otherwise i'll end losing my marbles and having adam, ella, kate and danny screaming at me in unison.

Mark Geranium said...

When I wrote that, I did originally give an explanation, but then I decided to make it really abstract so that no one could understand it.

Mwahahahaha etc land...

Kaytei said...

etc land?! how i adore your wonderful individuality!!