Tuesday, 15 September 2009

dag nam it and such

Elin's down :(
she keeps saying that she's fine but she's so not. it's all today with the kelly thing :'(
at least there's the concert to look forward to i suppose; that should make her feel a bit better. it's 8 days away and i'm reeeeeaaaaaally looking forward to it...i only really like i few songs by The Used...most of their stuff is ok but i'm just not that into them. i'm just looking forward to a concert with two of my best friends in the whole world ever.

:O poor louise, her brother ricky's been hurt really badly and it's awful, she's so down about it and he's been released from hospital and he's going to be ok but still. :( she's got enough on her plate, a whole lot of "hormonal soup" i nicked that phrase from Jim-Jam-Jamie but it's just too good to not spread it around a bit!!

Sponsored walk on friday *no triple science...yay!* kidding, well, kind of...it's nice to miss some lessons but my initial terror, "argh, how can i cope with 15 hours of science every fortnight?!" has evaporated...but what comes up must come down and if it's evaporating it's making a lovely little cloud above me ready to piss down when i next have an attack of, "ARGH!!!"

so yeah.

I carry paracetemol with me cuz i get headaches a lot but i'm not addicted. whoever actually posted that comment is just cruel. i'm not a fecking addict and if i was i'd find something better than paracetemol...geez...

will's no longer ill...but i am. it was the same this time last year as well...i was reading through my old diary last night. i hope i'm up to the sponsored walk. i'm not so bad, just a bit head achey and cough-fit-like. i'll get better, always do.

is it weird that i'm looking forward to my jab on october 16th?! it's just that it's a really rare thing for me that i barely ever do so i'm sort of looking forward to it. yup, that's weird. yup, i'm a nut-job. :S


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