Thursday, 17 September 2009


i hate it when people ask me how i am because then i think about how i actually am...and i always focus on the bad. like right now, elin's still pissed at me for the paracetemol thing and she still won't say who she told, louise and hattie have fallen out and louise thinks i hate her and robert's still confusing the heck outta me. i wish he wasn't so amazing. no, that's mean. i just wish that i didn't believe that he was so amazing is all. he writes such fantastic things on this blogs...more on the fivepenceforfree one in my opinion...i like his other one with the ramblings and absurdity but i don't get a lot of it.
ah well.
perhaps the ink will settle someday soon.

"and instead of answers; it's full of, 'i don't know's' but that's the way it goes, i suppose."

people are puppets held together with string, there's a beautiful sadness that runs through him, as he asks me to pray to the go, he doesn't believe in. time and again boys will race to be men, impatiant they start, fearful they end but here was a man, mourning tomorrow, he drank but finally drowned in his sorrow. he could not break surface tension, he looked in the wrong place for redemption, don't look at me with those eyes, i tried to anethetise, turn back the tide that drew him. but he couldn't be saved, a sadness runs through him.

hmm, i like that song.

oh god, i'm getting myself down over nothing. i'm talking to robert on msn and i feel like crying.

have a good day

why can't the clock stop for just one fucking second? just stop passing me by. i still need you

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