Thursday, 24 September 2009

A daily melodrama!!

oh yes, indeed, life is crazy as is love and lovers and all that is mad and full of jazz-i-mac-foo-ness. it's been while right? So, Robert had me up against the wall at lunchtime today...i really wish it was for real. but yeah, i can live. i will survive. i think. mmmmmmmmmm, i wish he'd like ne like i like him. someone told me that he's gay but i reeeeeeeeeaaaaally don't believe that. i reckon that this person's just trying to make me get over him. that might help. although, tbh, i don't think i could cope if he was gay. NOT because i'm a homophobe, cuz i'm NOT but yadayada and all that jazz, i like him too much. trying not to say i love him but that's how it feels. *sigh*

still a secret! bye!

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