Sunday, 13 September 2009

someone just made me feel really awful :( and up until then, i was having a good day 'n' all.

:'( some bugger just went and said that i've been feeling sick because of my pain killer addicition. it was a one time fecking thing and nothing came of it and i have no idea who this person is but it's such a bloody horrid thing to say. i had a bad day, that's not a crime is it? and i can't be the only one either. I've been ill recently, it's nothing to do with pain killers and my mum's had a similar thing and so have people in school. i don't know why they'd say that.


i bought bill and ted's bogus journey on dvd xD yay!! i love it so very, very much. i haven't seen it since i was very little and so i'm really looking forward to watching it again.

i'm looking forward to school tomorrow, hopefully will'll be better by then and i'll be able to see robert :) it's like all the bad and all the grey drift away like smoke when I talk to him and all i can see is the sunshine.

man, that sounds soppy!
good thing that this is the, "secret" blog, but for how long?? mwahahahaha.

...not funny.

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