Sunday, 8 November 2009

dust and darkness

bury me in your ashes and smother my breath away. tie me down and carry me soaring, away, away. for in the dust and darkness. in the black of night and day. in the endless falling rain. in you, i found a way. i light of chance and wonder and hope. of something worth clinging to. So when you leave, i'll be leaving, away, away with you. you'll lead me and i'll follow, take me and i'll come. wherever i'm heading, you're the only one. the only thing that i can understand. the only thing i can stand at all. when you are and have everything the rest is left to fall. and tumble and unravel it does. engulfing itself within its own shame. the dust and darkness consume each other. left alone is your light to shine. and if you'll lead me i will follow, take me and i'll come. we'll entwine and live and last and love together whilst the world is left to come undone. to me you're the only thing that really matters. so as the dust and darkness deplete and fear scatters. whilst the dreamless sleep of those lying alone shatters. and down to earth an empty shadow pitter-patters. and the dust and darkness feed on each other's own hearts. we know that the end for some has risen but for us. this is our start.


Lord Zaros said...

Err...Kate? Ever considered a job in poetry and writing? :) You could become rich and famous!! *Laughs evily in such a way that no one can, a laugh that could easily shatter the heart of the bravest man*

Kaytei said...

i'm glaf you like my little ditty :) i was in that sort of mood and needed to vent some of that bubbling creativety xD

you texted me at quarter to'd have been in class then!! bad richard. texting in class. tut tut. :D

Mark Geranium said...

No actually... he had Double PE