Thursday, 19 November 2009


I'm a dum dum dummy but life's not over and face-painting was really rather grand today.
awwww, tommy looked so darn pretty...sorta drag-queen-ish but ah wells. R. WELLS EXISTS!!! ty on that one elin :D
according to someone in Tommy's family...i'm his, "lass" *quizzical raised eyebrow look!!! xD*
I was just on the phone ot Tommy and he said something silly and then said, "sorry, you can slap the phone"

so i did.

and it died.

I called back straight away bit he thought that i'd gone and hung up on him. eeek.


i don't feel like raving...or dancing for that matter; i don't feel like dancing, dancing *some lyrics that I don't know* dancing, dancing *or something along those lines*

So...helped to raise money for children in need today; always a good thing :D

i really don't want to dedicate another moment of my mentally pondering over the sheer cruddiness of my physics and biology exams today :S
i had some stuff on my mind. great. but only my fault, so i can't complain.

...just wait until it all blows up...things always get worse before they get better...isn't that the way? hmmmmmmm

i can't stop writing in italics which is annoying. ah wells. R WELLS xD love it!!

i did rather fancy sharing something with you but i now can't for the life of me think what so i reckon i may just tuck myself into bed and away with slumber. I started a new book on the weekend; 'tis called "second chance" by Jane Green and I'm really rather enjoying it actually. I've not read a great deal yet but it's sweet...fairly sad in parts but laugh out loud funny at other points. I hate marcus...he's so mean to holly. poor holly. she loved tom, you know? he died in a terrorist attack :( i love how it's written, it's third person predominantly but there are also lil ol' insights into the characters' minds like soliloquies in drama methinks. I'm tired.


ooooooooooooh, robert gave me my newspaper from germany today. hazaaaaaaaar! xD

Love for the Lovely

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Anonymous said...

XD that was an epic phail last night, when u slapped the phone. i'm still laughing now ::D