Friday, 13 November 2009

what's happening?

what is this? what the fuck is this? what's happening to me? what's happening? ow. ow. oh god, it hurts so much. i feel sick. just stop. STOP. STOP IT. please. i. i. i. i. i. i. i. don't. i. don't i? i don't know. i don't. OW. please. JUST STOP PLEASE. I can't take. i. it hurts. it fucking hurts. please stop. i don't know. i can't i? can't. i CAN'T. this doesn't make any sense. STOP.

Okay, I'm being deliberately melodramatic but something just happened and i actually don't understand it and i don't know why it's made me feel like this but it's as though my eyes are welling and tears have begun their swelling. and all i feel like i can do is cry. i chose not to say "all i want to do is cry" because who wants to cry? who ever wants to cry? apart from actors and actresses or someone faking pain to get out of something or someone with something in their eye trying to wash it away...but that was NOT my point, most certainly and definitely not my point...but then again i'm sure what my point really is so perhaps that was my point and i'm not telling you? or perhaps not. this is tiring.

Right, let's start again, my heart's beating too fast.

I've learnt two chords on guitar *go me xD* I know A major and E major which are both pretty easy since you only have to use three fingers on the fret board and you play all the strings open on E but not the 6th on A :) Ange was showing me a warm-up/exercise-y-type-thing on it which I still SUCK at...I keep strumming the wrong strings....ah wells. Oooooh *i almost typed 'poo' there...silly kaytei...* i've been meaning to mention for a while that wouldn't it be cool for somebody with the surname Wells to have the initial of their first name be an R....that way, whenever I say "ah wells" they'd think that i was talking about them. teee heeee. *go me* aren't I clever. not really. actually not at all really. sorry about that, but you're not as smart as you reckon you are. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooool.

Got around to watching Stuart, Lancaster, Tudor and Hannover try their luck in House Drama today...I'd seen York and Windsor yesterday. I reckoned the Lancaster should have won really but then again, I may be a little biased since I'm actually a little bit in love with a member of their cast. Alex Parsons. *swoon* nah, i'm kidding, that'd be slightly paedo-ish...hmmmmm :S he was feckin funny though xD love it!! he had a very big baguette. intentional inuendo *rock 'n' roll*

ooooooooooooooh, another thing i've been meaning to share *cuz i'm generous like that*


oooooooooooooooh yeah. dang it feels so good. even on a chair, ONE PERSON RAVE. one person rave. ONE PERSON RAVE. one person rave. ROCK on!!! xD

wherever you go, however you go, RAVE! be it on a train, in an airport. sitting in you fridge or upon the kettle, ONE PERSON RAVE!!! love it :D person rave on a chair....

^that's me right now mwhahahaha xD
i actually just did it. that's a little lame ain't it? just a tad. a taddly tidbit. not quite as lame as a llama except llamas aren't lame apart from those which technically are lame, however, the fact remains that such a little outburst of shame was indeed a little lame. ah wells. R. Wells.

oh. My. GOD. OHMygod.

CAZ!!! that's the only way i could think of writing it, i hope you get what i mean xD

jajaja. in da club. or wherever. one person rave.

errrrrrrrrrrrm, i'm feeling so much better now, dang i love writing this. ooooooh, try saying, "anyhooble" feels sooooooooo good to say.

HEY! 'tis frday 13th and thus far, things are holding up pretty well. I'm nowhere near as superstitious as i was before but i still wear my special lucky necklace *which btw is really pretty, golden four leaf clover with pearls and a black saphire :D* which my Nan gave to me for a little added protection from folklaw's evil-ness-ism-age...and stuff 'n' junk and ALL THAT JAZZ. LOVE chicago!!

this is a long one but it feels as though it's been while.

Love for the lovely
p.s going out tonight *wiring it up y'all* 'n' town tomorrow. YO.

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