Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I'm not a perfect person, there's many things I wish I didn't do...

Mmm, today wasn't great but it's November and there's rain and it's cold and dark...what can you expect really?
I'm getting jab next...tuesday (?!) methinks to protect me from swine flu. ARGH! I wasn't even aware that I was in the "at risk" category but I suffered from breathing problems (not asthma; although that's what I was tested for :S) when I was quite a bit younger...9 or ten and my GP obviously reckons it's more serious than they wanted to let on to me all them years ago. I don't really mind about needles but I'll get an achey arm and it'll last for days :'( Then I have two more HPV jabs *next one's coming up on the 27th i think* and an MMR booster. That'll make five jabs this year. goodness. I was looking forward to my first HPV jab....weird, i's just that i barely ever get jabs and it was gonna be a rare occasion and rare occasions equal intrigue and yada yada yoda yoda 'n' such 'n' all that jazz but FIVE, in ONE year?! goodness.
hmm, today was as bad as the time I cried when I couldn't open my locker, I really need to get a grip. hmmm, i do believe so.
ARGH YOU SCARED ME...or not. whatever.
There were so many things i wanted to say yesterday but now my mind's as empty as...well...i'm so empty I can't actually think of anything...clever.

I want to scream but everyone's around and my throat hurts already...

I'll probably write more of that random-ass story on saturday...I don't have any time to really get into it atm. I think I'll devote a short chapter to each of the responses so this could take a while :S I'll try and make it interesting but no promises, eh?

Christmas in...actually i can't remember...either 50/49 days :S sorry about that.

I have to write a history essay for 1st period tomorrow and i've not yet started. aren't i clever, eh?

Ergle, caz, i reckon i'm gonna have to take that plait out soon...i've had it in for 8 days though :S

urgh...PE tomorrow and URGH i think i'm doing netball. URGH. GROSS. VULGARRRRRRRRR.


Love for the lovely

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Mark Geranium said...

That's odd. I used to have asthma (and it does sometimes come back if I'm really ill), but I haven't heard anything yet of 'at risk' category etc. They'll probably tell me the next time I go to my doctor...