Thursday, 5 November 2009 maybe i do have asthma? my breathing problems are in fact asthma but i have strong lungs and my, "condition" ain't nearly enough to warrant any medication. Besides it only really gets triggered when there's dust in the air or pollen...i'm allergic to it like hayfever except i cough instead of sneeze. and when i get a cough it really does take my breath away. anyways, my name's still in the system of the asthma clinic. I'm getting it next tuesday at 7.30 in the evening so my arm should still ache enough for me to be excused from PE come thursday *foot shuffle plus arm thrust and YES!!* oooh yeah, i shall be missing netball next week *TG or A or B of other B or whoever*
So, Nik went and wandered back into my life today, would you adam 'n' eve it? (you wouldn't believe how long i've been dying to use cockney rhyming slang for xD) I know right?! He's now my mate on facebook, yeah, innit. Get this, his surname is


and he's in a band and he's studying music at university. He plays guitar and keyboard and sings. I thought that he was British from his accent but this surname suggests Eastern Europe so is Nik short for Nikolas or Nikolai or summat?! gosh, i'd love it if his name was short for Nikolai xD he has a tongue piercing and a nose ring and tattoos, he rides a motorcycle. he smokes *gag gag puke puke...but he's young enough to quit ;)* he's a skater 'n' all! he drinks alcohol and uses a bong. he has a six pack but says foooooooooddd baby just like me xD he called me chachi *?:)* ooooh, and his birthday's the day before mine!!!! can you adam 'n' eve it *had to say that again!!* basically, he's kinda arty 'n' cool and interesting but he's also a complete and utter dossing douchebag of a stoner-pot-fiend. uhuh. i like him 'n' all but i'm a good girl. I freak out when I don't get homework in on time...i'd cry if I got a C grade. I barely swear...unless i'm really annoyed. I say gosh and goodness instead of God, i hold the door open for people and speak politely. I wear my skirt at an appropriate length *appropriate for what eh? ;)* nah but seriously...I am a good girl. He's cool but he's a bad boy! He's sooooo wrong for me!! he's cool but i'm not interested like that xD still good to hear from him though :)

Love for the lovely

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