Saturday, 21 November 2009

Early morning this morning

But I got it, didn't I?? xD I really want that to be the end of it now.

anyways, i've only got 12 more minutes *in the library and time's running low* but I just wanted to tell you that My lovely mate Lolly hung Ken *as in the ken and barbie dolls* because she thought he was evil. hahahaha, even then she knew that all men are bastards. tee hee. nah, i'm kidding, i've got some pretty awesome male friends but I do also know some guys I'd rather I didn't tbh....:S

I hope you like the latest offering of my story. I'm pretty pleased with it :D I'm still trying *and failing* to come up with a name for it so any offerings would be much appreciated!! I'm gonna write Tommy's chapter next saturday cuz I can't see myself getting time again before then but this last one that I've written featured Robert and was certainly interesting to write...he'd given me a lot to think about in his response so that was useful. *yay* Please check it out. I think this girl's done good...finally.
*seven minutes*
I hope Summer's okay...five minutes to midnight...i know that feeling, trust me :)
errrrrrrrrrm, i reckon that's about everything I gotta say right now, enjoy the story!

Love for the lovely


Tommy said...


your still doing mine? but the bit i wrote is all wrong coz i misunderstood what the thingy-ma-what was about and all that. (what can i say, i'm a fourth-fold fool.)XD

Kaytei said...

no worries...caz's reply was muddled too but it still worked. 'tis cool, i know what i want to say :D

Tommy said...

okay XD if ur sure...

btw, i read the other part of the story (robs thingy-ma-what.) it wrong that i laughed at some of it? :S :D nah, probs just my weird sense of humour. like that time caecilius got crushed by a wall...never fails to make me smile.

ahem. anyway, liking the idea of the story! continue.

Sky said...

dont worry about me, if i'm being honest, i was quietly quite amused at the whole prospect. . .LOL

Mark Geranium said...

Shall you be including my reply?

Kaytei said...

it's not wrong that you laughed...but it wasn't intended to be funny...

good to hear you're all right Summer :)

and yup i shall be including your reply at some point in the future jamie :D i just need to grab some time!