Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Okay so i found this on Robert's blog...



Love, love, love it!!! *Cue Harvey's "love-it" face xD*

goodness, i've not written properly in a while, have i? :(

I would so like to yell pauca somewhat intriguing aspects of MY LIFE at you but i'm gonna go stuff my face with ice cream of the mint-chocolate chip *my fave* variety...it's been melting for about ...25 minutes so far :S i'm busy uploading thingies onto my iPod.

ergle. 29/35. not pleased.
if i can scrape an A i'll cry with happiness and in the almost inevitable certainty that i get less than that i shall cry with great pain and sorrow and anguish and all that jazz. Although, i'm a bit of a fantasist...so...if i get A* then i will not stop ONE PERSON RAVE-ing for a full half hour and you can hold me to that :D
"i'm feeling like a monday but someday i'll be saturday night"
^^love it xD rock on Bon Jovi
\../ <(-_-)> \../

Love for the Lovely

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mundooteh said...


..... Btw.... I know someone with the name "R. Wells"....

It was you that mentioned that a while ago, right?