Wednesday, 18 November 2009

eejit eejit eejit

I only blame me,
I am an utter eejit,
A stupid mistake.

^^trying to convey a point in haiku is hard...well, i got myself into trouble by doing something idiotic and i feel horrid. how clever.
i'm making a sign for face painting right now cuz i'm helping with it tomorrow for Children in Need. then i'm off to revise, i intend on doing reasonably well and Oxford and Cambridge are looking for A's and A*'s in pretty much everything and I like to keep my options open, you know?

Love for the Lovely


Mr Staples said...

You'll have to do your AS and A levels good and proper too! Remember that kiddies! You still going to Godalming?

Kaytei said...

i dunno :S eithere there or county...i'm really not too sure. I like how personal our sixth form is and i really want to direct house drama but godalming has a brilliant reputation and they offer A level Latin which i quite fancy doing since i may wanna study the classics at uni. ah wells.