Thursday, 22 October 2009

argh.your head. it's bleedin' like.

poor darling sweeeeeeeeet caroline who's forever looking mighty fine. fine 'n' dandy. may or may not be having her head stitched up right now :S there was an awful accident in which her head came into contact with a hockey stick at speed. there was blood. much blood. but dang is she brave! she smiled to reassure everyone and didn't cry even though there was blood dribbled over her face, down her arm and onto her leg. gosh, i hope she's alright. they said it wasn't too deep but she's gone to A&E anyways :(

Today was a long day. my days are so much longer than the nights, sometimes i wish i could do nought but sleep. sometimes just to pass the time. and it was so grey. so plain. so samey. i wish i could go somewhere new where every corner shows summat shocking. someone take me traelling. i really have to get away. living in the same routine for __ years is so very dull.

guess what? i'm not a lump. i thought i would have been since last time i weighed myself i'd been ill and off of my food but even after eating far too much of everything *especially toast...i've had a real thing for toast lately...* and doing about as much exercise as a sloth but alas, i'm still 8st. 7lb. goodness.
i'll always be shorter and wider than i'd like with limper hair and more flaws than i care for but that's okay...i reckon i'm alright with me now...For the first *no, not the first but the longest thus far* time i'm feeling content with my physical self.


erg. i have a history essay to write over half term. oh joy. oh rapture. what fun.
this is such an awful entry...i'm really not in the mood. i'm too tired to function. i was up late since i was at the theatre last night *i know, get me!* we saw, "an inspector calls" at the novello theatre in london. the theatre was gorgeous and the play was brilliant. It wasn't everyone's cup of tea or coffee or whatever floats your boat or li-lo but i rather liked it. the set was fantastic as was the acting and the i loved how the light intensity coordinated with the intensity of the emotion. it was fantastic. i wish i hadn't had to take notes because i'd have liked to just enjoy the piece but it was still good :)

Love for the lovelier than you could ever know

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