Thursday, 15 October 2009


Yes, I'm well aware that forever isn't infact an actual unti of time, however, it does seem an appropriate expression as I've typed 1180 words and I still have LOADS left to do since i'm only on the thrid page and Mrs. whatsherface is expectin' 6 sides worth. goodness. oh lordi. xD

i got the giggle and laughed so much that my tummy ached today :S and i managed to tackle layla in football *go me!!* paige scored a bunch of times...she probably saved our team.

you see, i'm pretty good at a bunhc of things. things i can do. football...not so much :S ah well. not the end of the world :S

Love for the lovely

p.s sorry for my appalling spelling and grammar but i'm rushing

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