Saturday, 10 October 2009


theys be in lurv, how sweet!! they goin' out y'all 'n' stuff 'n' junk 'n' all that which is jazziful and or not but could perhaps one day come to be a figment of such a kind which may in fact resemble the prior or latter or neither or either or none or t'other or...I digress.

i intend on sending an email to myself at some point, it's become tradition to write an email time capsule thingy and send it to myself to be received upon my next birthday. if my counting's correct, my next birthday shall be in...251 *?!* more days...but i'm crap at math so trust in god and not me. yeah, in my last one I asked whether I did alright on the english h/w that I spent so much time worrying about and I can't even remember doing it so what's the point? maybe that'll be my new year's resolution; stop agonizing over every single darn thing that comes to my attention. is it too early to be making resolutions? nope. if you wanna change, do it. just go for it. DO IT!!!

i'm getting my hpv jab in 6 days, can't wait. cervical cancer has a history in my family so it's actually really important for me to get it :D

How is it that I can spend so much time doing nothing and talk but not say anything? hmmmmmmmm. yeah, i don't get me either. it's alright. you're in the majority 'n' all that jazz.

i reckon i'm gonna call tommy later, i fancy a chat :)





Two weeks until half term and we all know what that means, don't we children?! mmm hmmm and no getting carried away of any sorts shall occur!!! so no worries or anything. I'm far too tired to be typing, i guess i'm not the typing kind. not that i'm muhc better at fighting tbh. gosh, i'm tired.

right, i'm off before I start writing even more nonsensical crud than this.

Love for the lovely!!

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Mr Staples said...

This blog's hardly secret. Just thought I'd let you know in case you write something I'm not supposed to know.