Monday, 12 October 2009

man am i tired i? i dunno. no that's stupid, i am tired and my hands are cold and dinner's ready so this is a short one.




apparently people know but i don't have a clue and i'm so tired. erm...where was i going?? i need food. chilli con carni mmmmmmmmmm sparkling champagne. let there be love and all that jazz. i felt better than i have in while today. 12 days and counting but i'm feeling better, and don't y'all just know it like yeah, innit and all that jazz?
cottonmouth. i swear that's a song i used to know but i can't remember. i wrote that this that this that this that this that this morning and it looked all wrong...or maybe it was yesterday. i wrote remember and it looked so weird. it was last night! i flicked back to the page on my birthday and then wrote about remembering something. i wrote that i intend to laugh, love and LIVE whilst i stil can because life's too delicate. i've not been sticking to that too much lately but rest assured, i shall. i shall i shall. and yeah. erm. i'm tired.

seeeeee yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu tomorrow



mundooteh said...

2 things -

1) why did you put my initials? lmao.
2) it's chilli con carnET, spanish for meat.

Mr Staples said...

actually chilli con carne

Mr Staples said...

aaaaah your other bloginess has gone. sorry if it was coz o me.

Kaytei said...

ERG. erg because if i put urg then everyone would think that i'd just mispelt said it'd be ok :S and i'm sorry i can't spell in spanish, 'tis my mother's fault. she told me so. i got it from my mama, all this right here, i got it from my mama. oooooooh.

ah, dear mister staples, not cuz of you, dw! i've just posted a new thingy on this one. all is revealed and such.