Saturday, 17 October 2009

My middle name's Verina

get me!
I finally got around to finding the meaning for it!!
it comes from the Latin, vera, meaning truth. So I have my first name, Katherine meaning pure and then my middle truthful.
Pure and Truthful.
It's so pretty I just really hope I can live up to it :S

Wired Up was pretty darn good yesterday, dancing around like some kinda loon on acid...infact my sobriety was questioned on more than more occasion...uh -oh...gonna get found out. which is a joke of course. i was very sober. just in a good mood. whenever I start typing good I get the urge to write goose...i don't know why.

I'm plannign on watching Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey tonight and I can't wait! I got both their Excellent Adventure and their Bogus Journey for my birthday but i know excellent adventure off by heart so Bogus Journey is the film of tonight! whoa! as far as i remember I've only seen it once and that was forever ago. they're such silly yet AMAZING films which remind me of when I was really little. LOVE it!!!
ARGH!!!! Thorpe Park Fright Night this Sunday, i've never been and it looks amazing and I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!

but back to today...I have latin, science, english and history homework to do and asides from the science which is a relatively little piece, the others are intent on devouring much of my time. erg. erg most truly and annoyingly. erg >:[ whenever I type that angry smiley I almost type this instead >:{ which is angry mastacheoed smiley xD!!!

WAHEY! *most epicly righteous and immense noise to ever come out of the math room ooooooooooooooh yeah*

My hair's bugging me. It's days like this when all I went to do is shave it off. but i know that i'd regret that. Even though I had a billion or more split ends I regretted trimming my hair a while ago since I missed it being reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally long! It'll never be as long as I want it though. I saw a girl in Wales with fabulous natural red hair right down to her knees. goodness. absolutely gorgeous.


Love for the lovely
p.s 2932 words and i'm finished, i'm fecking finished and i'm so done with the roman military. latin is out of the way meaning i can make a start to the science and hisory *go me* xD donedonedonedonedonedonedonedonedonedonedonedone. i'm sooooooo proud of myself for getting it all done, now i have nothing to do next library lesson so i can munch my way through a good chunk of my book *book-worm as i am* i have an awful habit of reading 1 or two books at the same time. not know, actual same time just..yeah, i think you get it. i couldn't get back to sleep when i woke up at 7 ish this morning and didn't fancy getting up so i decided to re-read "where rainbows end" it's a sweet story and i love the way it's told through letters and emails and IM chats and texts and notes in class; it's brilliant. it's by ceceilia ahern and i love her writing style and think this is one of her best books. anyways, off to eat some chicken chow mein *oooooooooooh yeah* then get on with more h/w in prep for my day of leisure tomorrow *hazaaaaaaar* oooh, a phone call earlier really calmed me nerves, you know? i was a trembling bag o' nerves 'n' all but now i'm all calm 'n' tranquil like. tomorrow, tomorrow, i love you tomorrow, you're only a day away. i probably got that wrong, i don't know annie all that well, if you must know *oh, woe is me and such and all that jazz!*
And ALL.

I like the film version of chicago with catherine zeta jones and renné zelwegger in it, 'tis marvelous, glorious, triumphant, wonderous. gorgeous darlin', doncha know?

^long PS or what?!

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