Thursday, 15 October 2009

At schooooooooooooooool with ma homies!!!

Sup y'all 'n' all that jazz!!! how's it hanging and falling and dropping and...stuff... yeah.
It's the morning for chrissakes, i'm TIRED!!! so hush up ragging on me 'n' junk yeah innit and stuff.

Hey jenny! you appeared.

you're mad kaytei!

...well you can't really put anything that interesting in the morning
...tommy for the win...or the wolf you know? whatevvs really!

Caroline's looking mighty fiiiiiiiiiiine :D

Everyone's gonna think you're insane :O oh no!!!!!!!!!! argh and erg and errrrrrrrrrrrgonometry!

i think that's spelt with a "u"......

I've got a really bad cough- that's me! what?! omg shut up! NO!


you're a freak

Breast Cancer Awareness month and in all seriousness, check them!! perfectly serious request!! ladies, pay attention, look for discolouration and lumps and anything unusual.

coldplay are brilliaNT


Mr Staples said...

coldplay are SHIT.
Well some of their songs are good, but I have to say they are a bunch of gays who play hippy music

Kaytei said...

i respect your opinion but i disagree.

mundooteh said...

I'm afraid I'm gonna have to take Mr Staple's side. Coldplay songs have no tune, are unimaginative and the lyrics are mainly just stupid.