Saturday, 24 October 2009

I was very much mistaken :S

Turns out Pepper's a girl...she's slimmer than Bag Monkey so Ange says that she must be a girl. I guess she does look pretty feminine. I don't know where this, "obsession" comes from but it does no harm :) They're the TY Bongo monkeys and I love them very much. Minky was the first and she's been with me through some tough things. The others are just there for her benefit...she needs some company, right? I now have fifteen. oh yes. I was joking about them on the phone to Tommy last night but I reckon that when I'm married I actually will move them into my marital home...heh heh heh xD

I think i'm losing my voice. I can talk but it really hurts and whenever I do, I cough rather a lot so I'ma thinking that I may just give up on speech for a leedle while :)

I bought some funky socks.

I have a weird thing about socks :S I love new socks. These are odd-looking croched thingies in flecked green and purple wool but they are snug 'n' you never thought those words could work so well together...but i proved you wrong! mwahahahaha.

I'm a single lady, I'm a single lady, nanananana, nanananana.
la la la, la la la :P

I'm feeling fine and dandy :)

oooooooooooh, did anyone catch Friday night with Jonathan Ross last night???! It had one of my fave comedians of all time ever; Tim Minchin, on it :D He played a brand new and specially written for the occasion song called "five poofs and two pianoes" and his interview was brilliantly funny and then he did a piano and vocal duet with Jamie Cullam who was also appearing on the show. It was fan-fecking-tastic! look it up on i-player or youtube or something; it was wonderful!
I swear that I am in fact a little bit in love with Tim Minchin...even though he's married...with kids....and he's in his mid-thirties...:S a girl can hope :) He now lives in london so maybe i can go and stalk him :D which of course is a joke :)

hahaha, i convinced tommy that i was a lesbian last night :) i am brilliant. and ever so modest too.

ain't gonna lose, ain't gonna lose. and i'll sing it from my rooftop, sing it from the bus stop, sing it on the street drunk to a cop, oh i ain't gonna lose. no i ain't gonna lose you, ain't gonna lose, ain't gonna lose you.
^ain't gonna lose you by Brett Dennen. LOVE it! xD

Love for the lovely

p.s lovely song


Tommy said...

Still convinced your a lesbian.

(Do I seriously think your lesbian.. or am I lying? HA! See how it feels, Kayte, SEE HOW IT FEELS!)

Kaytei said...

you got owned! xD i think that's the first and last time i'll ever be saying makes me feel like a chav :S