Monday, 26 October 2009

from the bedroom ....of caroline ;)

...what happens in the group stays in the group...if you know what i mean :P
ARGH!!!! my horoscope came true early xD!! I met a lovely guy named Nik...he's amazing!! I got his number and i wore his hat xDDDD!!! *yay* and now i'm at Caz's...write summat caz...

i like toast
and kate is a sexy bitch :)
we will be flashing tonight... check us on msn HAHAHAMWAHAHA:D
HAHA, steve with the vomit jelly beanss, and wanking the puppets! Sound effects and all! xDD
xxx cazz

maybe more later but for now
love for the lovely
p.s me and nik are texting...he's 22 :S what should i do?? he's just gonna think i'm some dumb kid :(

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