Tuesday, 13 October 2009

:O where's Tea and Toast gone and disapeared to?

well, in short, it's been deleted, I may restore it in time but not until Anonymous tells me the truth. If this person isn't going to be honest with me then i refuse to go along with it any further. They started this about me but now so many other people have been dragged into it and that's not fair. Someone has a problem with me then I know how I can deal with it but when they begin to insult friends of mine and cause unecessary worry and anger amongst said wonderous people I don't think it's right at all. So, until further notice, Tea and Toast has been laid to rest....perhaps hibernation over Winter or perminent removal...it's all down to Anonymous. People go through a lot of crud from time to time so I won't go on about any of this or the slightly rash things you may have said (which to be fair, I have overreacted about). I'll bury the history in the past and leave it there so long as you start talking to me as yourself. I'm far more likely to listen to a friendly voice than an Anonymous randomer.

You have my email address. It's up to you.

On the bright side, I refuse to keep letting myself get down over nothing, the sun was shining today. It's October and pretty chilly but the sun shone. that's such a lovely thing. and i'm not feeling nearly as awkward as i was around robert :) and caroline's agreed to make love to me xD and louise has gotten together with Aaron awwwwww and well...some things aren't perfect. well, a LOT of things aren't but everyone knows my views on perfection so i shan't digress to much. I know i ramble but the point is that there are plenty more things in my life to be happy about than there are to be down about. I'm beginning to balance...like the libra i should be.

On the random side, i started my period a whole week early after robert asked me whether i was on or not...now, this could be an odd coincidence or he's been doing some kinda freakish voodoo on me ARGH!!! :O


oooooooooh, I made the most amazing noise in math xD i made eloise LOL *literally!!!* she wrote fiberoptic tree on my arm in purple!!! and we sang the 12 days of christmas at lunchtime....i know that singing christmas songs when it's not christmas is supposed to be bad luck but honestly, when it's that much of a laugh to squawk out the lyrics, how bad can it be?? it made me smile so much that my jaw ached...just a lil bit. just a leeel bit. just a tad. a teeny bit. a tidbit. you know? I digress....

'twas an amazing noise, i've been bugging my mum with it for weeks xD she made me do it on camera on my birthday though...that was embarrassing. goodness.

you've got to lock it and load it and aim for the heart, spin it and flip it, rewind to the start, use it or lose it or give it away, tell me what do you think about that? you've gotta do whatever you want boy, you've gotta do whatever you pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase, you've gotta do whatever i tell you to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

^random song by a random group. "you've got to" by The Young Punx


erg, erlach. errrrrrrt. uuuuuuuuughie. my math teacher's really been grating me; he's all for manners *fair do's* but then he refuses to talk to us about the homework issue and gets so het up about the tiniest things. ERG.
^ERG's not referring to Miss Elin Rihanne *sorry if i've spelt that wrong but it's welsh and i'm a dumdum* of G althought those do be her initials, no my dear friends, 'tis a highly regarded noise of utter disdain, ERG. if you know me, you'll know i do say it so very often. i hope mine darling elin dearest's well. she was not in school today :'( bunches of people have had colds lately and she has had a throat infection but i think it's to do with her sleep problems. :( sucks. and blows...and swallows. not elin, i mean the situation. of course. ahem. no, seriously, the situation sucks, that's all!!! Erg, i digress.

even i get bored of me

what am i trying to say? i loev love love, switching off, what a sweet song. :) i got cast of thousands by elbow on sunday and have been playing it very much of late.

Have a good rest of the day and a better tomorrow

Love for the lovely
p.s yesterday, cottonmouth cuz my mouth and throat were really dry, still are a bit :S but ah wells.


Mr Staples said...

wow iv got cast of thousands. Good album. u got leaders of the free world?

Kaytei said...

nope :(

Mr Staples said...


mundooteh said...

it's spelt Rhian :)

mundooteh said...

And wth did Anonymous say that made you delete your blog...? that seems pretty fucking...serious