Friday, 16 October 2009

HPV jab number 1!

i made it! yay!
It was an odd sensation to have a needle poking into my arm but that didn't really hurt for me and needles are somethign i'm okay with but now my left arm aches really badly and it hurts to lift up and even my top pressing on it makes it hurt :( it's not supposed to last all that long so i should be fine by tomorrow.

My hormones were whizzing around like something mental earlier but i feel a little more settled now...last fridays 'n' all that crud...
I need to buy scissors tomorrow, this is the fourth pair i've lost. i am useless. it's true. at keeping scissors anyway, i like to think that I don't entirely fail at absolutely everything there is in life.
"did you have an idea?"

OH! Tommy, i'm wrong again, school counsel is infact on tuesday and not thrusday as i thought. you were right, i'm wrong and am now tucking into a deliciously large helping of humble pie.
mmmmmmm scrumptious!
can't wait until sunday!!! a whole day doing awesome things with many, MANY awesome people. hazaaaaaaaaaar.

Love for the lovely
p.s just listen

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