Friday, 2 October 2009

erg and such 'n' stuffs and all that is jazz-i-ful and aso that which is not and i'm a-rambling again, ain't i?!

Everybody already knows about this blog so it does nay matter where i write whatever it is that I feel such a need to. I've been kinda ill for about a week now...or longer...kind of on and off. I thought i was gonna puke this morning *thought i'd share that with you because i'm generous* and i've been right off of my food. I turned down lasagne last night. LASAGNE!! it's my fave and I couldn't eat it. I didn't even have any of ange's special birthday cake. and in the evening I ate what I'd left from the night before's dinner. This morning, all i could handle was 1/3 of a weetabix and for lunch half a sandwich. I've eaten some quiche and mashed potato and beans at dinner but now i feel quite ill :S
Anyways, where was i getting to with all of this?
ah yes, i weigh 8st. 7lb.!!!! argh!!! that's 8 1/2 stone! that was my goal to lose weight. I hadn't weighed myself in over a month before today *that's really good, i went through a phase of weighing myself about 3 times a day, everyday. not good* and I'm 5ft 4" so that mean's my bmi is *just finding out, hang on a sec* 20.4!!! ARGH!!! i can't remember the last time it was that little...maybe 2 or 3 years ago?! wow.
No doubt i'll put it all back on again once my appetite catches up with me. I was given so much chocolate for my birthday and as I've told many people already, I shall be waddling for all of my flab by christmas!! great.
gosh, "you're all things bright and beautiful kayte." *smug* you shouldn't say such things, you know my head shall swell! tommy, you really cheered me up on the phone last night. you're so amazing.
today was good. yes, it was. i told you that I and things will get better. I and they always do. I and they have to.
gosh, my hands are freezing :( urgh, it's getting to the time of year when i have to wear gloves to type!!

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